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Why Moscow?

Believe me: there are many big citys in the world - but only one Moscow. To understand this you have to go there.


To go to other countries. For everybody I think it's an own story and very interesting. Go round the globe and listen to the people. Learn from them und tell your own story. It is much better than to do it with politcian.

Adventure tours

Of course Moscow is not Frankfurt. Everything is BIG there. Try and find out if this is what you like. And if you say YES, than do it! Rent a car and go round the Garden Ring. Pure energy! Go to the night-club and look to all theses beautiful girls. Go to the restaurants and try Borsch and Schaschlik. Go to the shopping-malls and find out what you cannot buy at home. Go to the wonderful parks and listen to the stories. Don't forget to dring KWAS. And last but not least - the METRO, wonderful places in the underground.